Wood is available in many different sorts. Hardwood is perfectly suited to make a good pipe. Softer wood varieties are only used in stems. The wooden bowl of the pipe needs to be burned before you can get a good smoke out of it; the charcoal layer will protect the bowl in the future.

The advantage of wood is that it is not too fragile. For smoking with style, use one of these wooden pipes we carry

Find one that looks good: While it may seem like a lesser concern to consider aesthetics, the mechanics of a pipe are all essentially the same, and the action will be similar in most of the pipes you smoke. Look at lots of pipes.

Finding one that suits your style and that you will enjoy using as an accessory, however, will ensure that you enjoy smoking your pipe and that you'll want to return to it as a hobby. Examine the color, wood grain, and heft of the pipes you're considering. Pick one that's pleasing.

Visit Cape Smoke Shop to look at pipes in person. We'll also be able to answer any mechanical questions you might have, or offer suggestions.
Select a well-made pipe: When you're trying to learn to enjoy smoking tobacco from a pipe, there is nothing more frustrating than a pipe that doesn't work properly. So keep in mind a few basic mechanical concerns to ensure that your pipe will work smoothly and properly. Look for:

Metal filters. These cause a soggy wetness in the smoking process, and are inserted in the stems of some low grade pipes.

Draft hole and mouthpiece alignment. Most pipes come in two parts, the bowl (where you place the tobacco) and the stem (which you put in your mouth). For pipes you're considering, separate the stem from the bowl and make sure the pieces align properly. This is a sign of a well-made pipe, ensuring a smooth draw and a avoiding moisture traps.

Cheap varnish. The wood of most pipes will be treated with some kind of finish, but avoid sealed finishes, which can flake and bubble from heat after heavy use.
Consider the price: Buying an inexpensive pipe to start out with may seem like a good idea for your first pipe, but it may also leave you with a poorly made pipe and a negative impression of pipe smoking. At the same time, it would be a mistake to break the bank when you're not sure if you even like the taste.

Look for popular sellers or read online reviews. You're not alone in this. Find out what people have to say about potential pipes before you buy them.
Get the necessary accessories: You'll need more than a pipe to start smoking. If you visit a pipe shop, get everything at once to avoid multiple trips and hassle. You'll also need:

A lighter or matches. Plastic butane lighters are cheap and plentiful but some smokers dislike the smell and taste of butane. Pipe lighters are available for a variety of prices, but it might be a good idea to start with a good supply of wooden matches. You can always invest in a pipe lighter later.

Pipe cleaners. They're not just for art projects. Get a bundle of wire pipe cleaners so that you can keep your pipe clean and functioning properly.

Pipe tamper. This is used to pack the tobacco in the bowl. It's not absolutely essentially (you can just use your finger or the butt of a lighter) but it makes the job go very quickly and easily. They're usually not much more than a few dollars.

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