No Quarrels with Quorum Cigars!

From JC Newman, this all Nicaraguan blend is solid and is available in a medium-bodied Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper or a mild Shade Grown. Quorum unleashes a thick aromatic smoke that may warrant a complement or two.

All in all, when the ash settles, you're looking at a pretty solid cigar that starts at a little over a buck per cigar. Quorum will grab your attention with their prices but surprisingly keep it with a solid blend.

Look up the word 'value' in the dictionary, and you just may find a bundle of Quorum pictured next to it. Made for J.C. Newman in the Torano family's Nicaraguan factory, these medium-bodied handmade are high quality smokes with a low-budget price.

The all Nicaraguan blend issues a satisfying smoke with ample amounts of flavor and body that doesn't come close to breaking the bank. Quorom is available in two varieties. A shade-grown Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, or a dark Ecuador sun-grown.