Montesino Cigars, DR in the House!

Hailing from the Dominican Republics most coveted cigar factory, the Montesino is a mild cigar from the makers of Fuente with a modest everyday low price. No one makes better cigars then the famous Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic. Since the 1980’s their family’s cigars have been the most demanded and hardest to find in the world, making such big names as OpusX and Ashton. Today, they are considered the Mont Blanc of cigars.

Montesino was one of the first cigars produced at the Fuente factory, debuting in 1991. The mild blend of Dominican tobaccos and the very reasonable price tag has made this cigar a best seller and very popular worldwide. Typically, a cigar maker will change the blend over the course of a brands history, tweaking the strength and aromas to suit the trend of the day. This is not true of the Fuente family and the Montesino brand.

The cigars that are being produced today consist of the same blend that made them so popular over a quarter century ago. Also, today they remain a favorite of aficionados everywhere. Montesino is mild bodied cigar with obvious notes of wood and nuts on the palate and a short sweet finish.