Controlled chaos courtesy of H. Upmann.

H. Upmann has been crafting top-notch cigars for almost 170 years that's as obvious as the sky is blue. To craft Havoc, a leathery and supple San Andres Criollo '98 wrapper is draped over a Dominican binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers.

Striking up billows of smoke, Havoc unleashes a barrage of tasty nuances. Hints of leather, cream, toasty tobacco and coffee join the fray as Havoc remains cool and smooth. It's no doubt a departure from previous offerings, but that my friends is exactly the point.

H. Upmann Legacy Continuing the up and up. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, H. Upmann is a name you've heard a thousand times before. Complete with Cuban-roots dating back to 1844, and a history of top-selling blends, H. Upmann is well known for their smooth, flavorful handmade that deliver like clockwork. But not long ago, the brand underwent a bit of an overhaul.