Baccarat Cigars "Touch the Sweetness"

Baccarat cigars are smooth and sweet, offering an extraordinary smoke for the money. Baccarat cigars are a winner in terms of value; rolled from Havana seed Honduran long leaves, Mexican binders, and Honduran wrappers with just the slightest touch of sweetness. Baccarat offers a very mild, smooth taste with a touch of coffee flavors.

Ranchos Jamastran is nestled in Danli Honduras, an area of the world where ideal soil and climate conditions have made for a tobacco paradise. Some of the finest tobacco in the world has called this region home. Ranchos Jamastran is well known for its flavorful tobacco that is responsible for such lines as Camacho and La Fontana.

Baccarat has been one of the nation's best-selling brands and is a staple of tradition in cigars. While this cigar is unlike almost any cigar found today, it more closely resembles an older tradition of cigar making.