Acids Kuba Kuba Maduro

Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto Maduro Infused cigars pack so much flavor into their Robusto package that they are sometimes called "an aromatic powerhouse". This pretty much describes Acid Kuba cigars because these medium body cigars produce a fantastic array of flavors that please the palette with wonderful aromas. Smoke one of these Acid Cigars after dinner or lunch and you won’t have any room for dessert. They get their flavors from a winning combination of quality Nicaraguan long filler and binder, and a blend of infused aromas derived from secret herbs and oils.

Acids Blondie

Acid Blondie Natural cigars present 20 minutes of sweetness, followed by a robust, climactic finish. This delectable Petit Corona smokes smoothly with passionate notes of honey and cream, as its natural Connecticut Shade wrapper imbues an equally sweet aroma. One of the best in the Acid selection.

Acids Liquids

Acid Liquid Natural cigars are mild to medium bodied, Robusto-size cigars rolled inside a smooth-smoking Connecticut Shade wrapper. The smoke presents hints of cashew nuts, plus a virtual kaleidoscope of spices and botanicals. The cigar burns clean with a toasty, woody finish.

Acids Cold Infusion

Acid Cold Infusion Natural Tea cigars are rolled to a Lonsdale size with a mild, aromatic Connecticut shade wrapper. One of the most popular cigars among new Acid smokers for their smoothness, Cold Infusion Tea is rich in herbal essences, with notes of peach cobbler, and the aroma of fresh cut pine.